• Second Market

    Second Market

    Second Market, or Taichung Municipal Public Second Retailing Market, is located at the intersection between Sanmin Rd. and Taiwan Blvd., Central District, Taichung. With tri-wing radial architecture, the Market is centered by a hexagonal building. The Market contains 54 stores and about 300 stands selling a variety of goods.

    Distance 0.9 km,about 5 min
  • Art Stock 20

    Art Stock 20

    Art Stock 20, built in 1917, was listed as the second-grade historic site in 1995. As an important humanistic space in Taichung, it is renovated as a network node for railway art in Taiwan.
    Starting out from a gloomy warehouse, it creates new humanistic image of an art village.

    Distance 1.0 km,about 6 min
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