• Miyahara Eye Hospital

    Miyahara Eye Hospital

    Planned by Dawncake, Miyahara produces pineapple cake, cheese cake, sun cake, nougat, tea, ice cream, beverages and a variety of snacks as local specialties for tourists. Dawncake is devoted to reviving Central District and cultural and creative industries.

    Distance 0.3 km,about 2 min
  • Taiwan Museum of Suncake

    Taiwan Museum of Suncake

    Located at Quan An Hall, Taiwan Museum of Suncake is a well-preserved building established a hundred years ago. Erected from Japanese Colonial Period to today, it still looks as beautiful as before. In early period of time, Quan An Hall was used as a drugstore, selling imported medicine and living goods, etc. Today, after renovation, the old building is revived and ingeniously integrated with the characteristics of local traditional industry in Taichung.

    Distance 0.1 km,about 1 min
  • Taroko Mall

    Taroko Mall

    Taroko Mall, since July 1 2001, mainly targets at customers with a life style, emphasizing “sports, entertainment, family leisure activities, life proposals, food and shopping” and introducing exclusive and different international creative themes. It becomes a new landmark of international shopping malls in Taichung.

    Distance 1.2 km,about 6 min
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